The Worst Goalkeeper Shirts in History

Goalkeepers get a raw deal, it’s a thankless task being a keeper and when it comes to shirts they get the worst of the worst. In this blog, we are going to look at the worst goalkeeper shirts in history.

Huddersfield Town 93-94

The 1990s were a golden era for rotten football tops and this Huddersfield effort is very typical of the time. With looks like a Commodore Amiga crashing it’s definitely memorable.


Newcastle 93-98

These ridiculous efforts look like someone playing Tetris. This is probably one of the better Newcastle goalkeeper tops from the era, so you can imagine how bad the rest are


Sunderland 94-96

This can only be described as a mishmash. All the weird squares in different sizes and perspectives rounded off with a weird pair of hands groping your midriff. Bizarre.


Sheffield Wednesday 95-96

Look at these three! So typical of the 90s style


Jorge Campos

Jorge Campos was Mexico’s top goalkeeper in the 90s and early 2000s, winning more than 130 caps. A complete maverick, he would dribble out his area and also scored 34 goals in his career. He was also allowed to design his own shirts.  A pioneer of the short sleeved style, he should really have a blog all to himself


Estonia 96

To be honest I don’t really have any idea what happened with this one. Part coloured in DNA double helix and part Mayan prophecy, this absolutely bonkers effort is easily one of the worst shirts of all time


Pablo Aurrecochea

Pablo Aurrecochea is an Uruguayan goalkeeper who has had a middling career, with the highlight being a Paraguayan Apertura title in 2010 with Guarani. Though not as celebrated as Jorge Campos he too designs his own kits. The twist with him is that he incorporates cartoon characters onto his. Check out these bizarre kits.


Wycombe Wanderers 2017/2018

After a few years of sensible kits, Wycombe has managed to out-weird everyone with this kaleidoscope inspired yellow and pink attempt. According to O’Neill’s who designed the top the science behind goalkeeper, kits means that chevrons and luminous colours enlarge the presence of the goalkeeper. This sounds plausible, but my theory is that the rave scene of the late 80s and early 90s meant that LSD was a thing personally, but yeah – science.


Wales 96

Neville Southall was a Welsh legend winning over 90 caps when internationals weren’t played every few weeks. I’m horrified that that made him wear this though.


Celtic 94-95

During Celtic’s barren years they had some horrendous kits. Their fans probably want to forget Stuart Kerr and Pat Bonnar wearing this monstrosity.


Manchester United 94-95

Schmeichel was a legend for United. Pity he had to turn out in this.


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