The Worst Football Kits in History

Football shirts used to be sacred. There was a time before the Premier League (hard to believe if you watch Sky’s coverage of football) where players weren’t millionaires, took the bus to training with people going to work and played for the jersey. The shirt was the symbol of everything the club was about. No sponsors, no manufacturers logo and no kit change every year to raise cash. As sponsorship and commercial interests got hold of the game, shirts changed every year and new designs were paraded each summer. This has led to some weird and wonderful designs, some of which we’re going to look at here.

Hull City 92-94

The Tigers have had it bad with their owner trying to call them by their nickname. Worse than that has to be these tiger-inspired kits that look like Del-Boy’s dressing gown.


Partick Thistle 2009/2010

This pink urban camouflage effort has to be one of the worst of all time surely?


SC Heerenveen 2012/2013


Heerenveen has little love hearts in their badge, but this looks like someone has reacted to it on Facebook Messenger. Awful.


Norwich City 92/93

I have memories of that great Norwich team with Chris Sutton and Jeremy Goss beating Bayern 2-1 in Munich and dumping them out of the UEFA cup in 1993 in this horrific top.


Colorado Caribous

Colorado Caribous played for one season in the North American Soccer League and with a top with tassels on it, it’s a good job they didn’t carry on, to be honest.


C.D. Palencia 2016/2017

This Spanish fourth division side isn’t famous for their style of play but they are famous for possibly the weirdest kit of all time. Looking like you’ve been skinned alive is a very unusual look let’s say.


Nottingham Forest 96/97

This looks like a fairly decent yellow kit that someone’s doodled on with a permanent marker. Just weird


Genoa 2015-2016

This kit was designed to look like rippling water, and it came in two colours. The other looks like some kind of arty Instagram post. Serie A has had some bad kits over the years but these are as weird as they come


Reggina 2012

This was commissioned for one match in 2012 and was supposed to make the players look like statues. A true shocker.


La Hoya Lorca 2013/2014

Just WTF!?!?! I think someone mixed up the frozen broccoli packet design with this. As it turns out the club’s president was looking for a way to make broccoli appealing to his child. I don’t think this is the way to go about it


Australia 90/91

This looks like some really bad curtains or some kind of kids TV logo from the same era. Just awful.


Wolverhampton Wanderers 92/93

This is actually quite a decent kit apart from the tyre marks and oil all over it.


1860 Munchen 2010

This collage of photos from the club’s history has to be one of the all-time worst kits


V Varen Nagasaki 2015/2016

Someone at this club must have actually thought “yeah let’s get a kit that looks like a tuxedo” Wow!


1860 Munich 2014

You’d think after their horrendous anniversary kit 1860 Munich would be quite happy with a normal kit for a few years, but no they went full Lederhosen.


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