The Greatest Football Kits of All Time

Everybody has their favourite kits and in this blog, I’m going to look at some of the best.

West Germany 1988-1991

The first world cup I can remember was Italia 90 and this top summed up the style of the era. One of the most loved kits ever. The team that tormented Gazza did it in style.


USSR  1970

A simple all time classic. CCCP, a small Umbro logo and blood red. Possibly my favourite of all time.


France 80-84

This is so good that France have even copied the design again. Just beautiful.


Scotland 78

Scotland is a joke in international football terms, but there was a time when they had genuinely world class players, which was shown as they beat eventual finalists and arguably the best team of the era, The Netherlands at the World Cup that year. Glorious failure doesn’t come any better looking than this kit worn by Dalglish, Souness and of course Archie Gemmell.


Brazil 1970

Everything about Brazil 1970 oozed class, from their samba style to their classy and iconic kit


Netherlands 74

The Netherlands arguably greatest ever team looked amazing in this beautiful Adidas number. Simple. Classic.


Aberdeen 83

This top is from a golden era of football shirts. Worn by Aberdeen as they beat the mighty Real Madrid to bring home the Cup Winners Cup and beat Hamburg in the European Super Cup. This all red classic is superb


Argentina 86

The greatest Argentina team with the greatest player of all time dressed in style. Famous for the Hand of God, English people should really get over it and admire Maradona’s other goal that day and realise they witnessed greatness.


Denmark 92

Denmark didn’t qualify for Euro 92, but still managed to win it. Not only did they win I, but they looked incredible doing it too.


Roma 91-92

This is perfection as far as I can see. No badge, a simple design, but gorgeous.


Sampdoria 90/91

Oooooft. Just look at this. As football tops go, this is as good as it gets.

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